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Ryan Wood's Gear 

Drums | Percussion

I am currently playing a WTS Artistry Series kit with sizes 12”/14”/18”. This kit uses a very cool single point tuning system where both heads of the drum are tuned evenly by turning a single tuning peg. Sort of a modern take on the rope drums of old.  This makes tuning on the fly an absolute breeze.

I’ve been playing Bosphorus cymbals on my kit since the very beginning of KSC. On the kit right now: 15” New Orleans Series hi hats, 16” New Orleans Series crash, 18” Antique Series Crash, and 21” Antique Series Ride.

I’ve got a number of percussion instruments around the kit that add some fun sounds and depth to my playing. These include an LP gock block, LP mambo cowbell, trash stack made from two old splash cymbals, and some Gon Bops timbale bells.