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Acoustic Guitar | Electric Guitar | Lead Vocals

Acoustic Guitar 

Martin 000C-16RGTE

This guitar is the ol’reliable workhorse that you’ve probably seen on stage at any Kendall Street Company show in the past decade. I got her on ebay long ago and never looked back. In that time she has had a refret, rebind, new bone bridge and pins, and some minor surgery on her neck due to a st. paddys day incident. I also recently bypassed the onboard preamp system because it was noisy, so the tone you are hearing is just the onboard bridge pickup run through my pedal board. She’s had a hard life on the road, but happy to say she plays as good as ever. She is strung up with Elixir light (.12-.53) strings nanoweb coating. I like these strings… It takes them a while to break in, but once they are, they provide a nice tone for a long time. 

Electric Guitar 

Guild Starfire VI Blonde

This guitar is newer to the collection. Over the pandy I had the urge to dig into the electric guitar. Before that I had been mostly strictly an acoustic player. When I saw this guitar on the internet, I knew she was the one. The blonde maple and gold hardware gave me all the feels. This guitar has been great so far. It’s got a high quality and versatile tone. It has allowed KSC to expand our sound to new dimensions, and has been a blast to play live! I have been rolling with D’addario XL nickel wound medium (.11-.50) balanced tension guitar strings. They are solid. 


Vocal Microphone

Shure Beta 58a

This mic has done me well for over a decade. It has never faltered. Some sound guys love the tone. Most are neutral. One guy hates it. It’s an industry standard vocal microphone and works great for my voice every time. 

Pedal Board 

Line 6 Helix Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor

This is the latest addition to my rig. This pedal replaces my entire old pedal board, amp and DIs. This makes touring much easier, and It does a pretty damn good job simulating tons of different guitar amps and any effect you can likely imagine. It is awesome. I have an acoustic patch that I run mono out the right xlr and an electric patch that I run mono out of the left xlr. This allows me to switch seamlessly between acoustic and electric rigs all in one board. Once I'm on the patch I want, I use it just like a traditional pedal board. It takes some getting used to, but the tone building and effect capabilities are endless.