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Woodwinds | Keys | Vocals

Hey there, I'm Jake. I've been playing sax for more than 10 years and started incorporating guitar pedals into my setup about 5 years ago. Although I play mostly tenor sax live, I frequently record my alto, bari, soprano, and flute into the recording studio (and sometimes the road!). My exploration into the keyboard and piano world began in 2020, just before the pandemic struck. I took a Moog Grandmother on tour (monophonic) and then stepped up the four-voice Korg Minilogue for a number of months and recording sessions before landing on the Nord Electro 6D and Korg Minilogue together. I, as we all do, also sing a bit! Oh, and one last thing is that I built the in-ear monitor and multitrack rack that the band currently uses. That one's a bit too in depth to describe here though, so just ask me at a show.

So without further ado, here is the current list of the live gear!


- Schagerl T1-VB Tenor Saxophone

- SYOS Custom Mouthpiece and ligature

- Boston Sax Shop Reeds size 3 OR if I can't get my hands on those (cause shipping) some Vandoren Green Java size 3

- Applied Microphone Technology clip-on condenser mic for tenor sax (LS)

- Eventide Mixing Link Preamp


(in no particular order)

- Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay w/ external Tap

- Black Cat Vibe

- Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork

- TC Electronic Quintessence Harmonizer

- Meris Polymoon Delay

- Moog EP3 Expression Pedal

- Mission Engineering Expressionator Pedal

- Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply

- Cioks Ciokolate Power Supply

- Saturnworks Dual Buffer

- Digitech Polara Reverb

- Shure SM58 Vocal Mic


- Nord Electro 6D (Semi-Weighted)

- Korg Minilogue

- X Frame Double Key Stand